"The Way of All Flesh" – Ted Conover - Harper's Magazine

"The Way of All Flesh" – Ted Conover - Harper's Magazine

Undercover in an industrial slaughterhouse

by: Ted Conover | publication date: May 1, 2013 | Publication: Harper's | journal issue: May 2013 |

"The cattle arrive in perforated silver trailers called cattle pots that let in wind and weather and vent out their hot breath and flatus. It’s hard to see inside a cattle pot. The drivers are in a hurry to unload and leave, and are always speeding by. (When I ask Lefty how meat gets bruised, he says, “You ever see how those guys drive?”) The trucks have come from feedlots, some nearby, some in western Nebraska, a few in Iowa. The plant slaughters about 5,100 cattle each day, and a standard double-decker cattle pot holds only about forty, so there’s a constant stream of trucks pulling in to disgorge, even before the line starts up a little after six a.m."

Ted Conover goes undercover as a meat inspector in an industrial slaughterhouse for Harper's.

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