VI-"The Kanaka Labour Traffic" - J.D. Melvin - The Argus

VI-"The Kanaka Labour Traffic" - J.D. Melvin - The Argus

"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Operations in Port Adam; Additional Recruits Obtained; Refusal of Recruits"

by: J. D. Melvin | publication date: December 9, 1892 | Publication: The Argus | pages: 5-6

One young man, with large and wondering eyes and open mouth, listened to all that was said about the good masters and abundant ki-ki (food) in Queensland, and as to recruits being brought back by-and-by with ‘big fellow’ boxes of their own. He had also the eager look of a youth who desired to see something of the outside world, and he lingered much, first by one boat and then by the other. But he could not apparently make up his mind. Now he would, and then he wouldn’t or couldn’t; and he had to be left in his indecision.

The fifth article in The Argus' series "The Kanaka Labour Traffic" by J.D. Melvin about his time spent as a crew member on the blackbirding vessel The Helena sent to recruit laborers from the the Solomon Islands.

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