VI-"The Black Dispatch" - Neil Henry - Washington Post

VI-"The Black Dispatch" - Neil Henry - Washington Post

"Looking for Answers About Workers and Wages"

by: Neil Henry | publication date: October 14, 1983 | Publication: The Washington Post | pages: A1

"A month after I left the fields of North Carolina, I returned to tie up loose ends. I wanted to find Billy Bongo and ask him why he failed to provide the work he promised me and eight other D.C. men, and why he sold us to a crew leader for $150 before disappearing without a trace.

"I wanted to ask migrant crew leader Elijah Hudson why he paid Billy Bongo to drive us all the way from Washington and why, after allowing us to sleep in a bunkhouse teeming with worms and insects, he refused to give us food or jobs. I wanted to ask crew leader Clarence Dozier Jr. why he sold his men wine and cigarettes at exorbitant prices and why, with few exceptions, he paid me and others far less than the federally mandated minimum wage . . ."

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