"Towing Woes" - Dave Savini - IRE Journal

"Towing Woes" - Dave Savini - IRE Journal

Vehicles Donated to Charity Wind Up in Hands of Crooks

by: Dave Savini | publication date: July 1, 2006 | Publication: IRE Journal | volume: 29 | journal issue: 4 |

". . .Towing companies act as middlemen for charities. In some cases, charities directly hire tow operators. In other cases, when a charity recieves a call that someone wants to donate a car, it passes that information to an organization that handles car donation programs. That company in turn hires towing companies to pick up the car and either sell or scrap it. A portion of the proceeds are supposed to go to the charity. But officials say that was not always the case with two towing operators: O'Hare Kars and Royal Auto and Towing. . ."

Dave Savini conducted a five month undercover investigation revealing the corruption in donating cars to charities.

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