Tim LaHaye, George Bush, and the Religious Right: Craig Unger's undercover assignment for Vanity Fair



Unger, undercover on a tour group led by Tim LaHaye (co-author, the Left Behind series), travels the Holy Land with some of LaHaye's followers.  His reporting examines the connections George W. Bush, then in office, had to Religious Right leaders, and their influence on policy.  The pieces also look at the everyday experience of believers - because Unger did not reveal that he was a reporter on assignment (though he did say he was a writer from New York), he was, he believes, spoken too more freely than he would have been with full disclosure.


Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Magazine, Book

Effects and Outcomes

Unger did not reveal his reporting method until 2007, in a Huffington Post story.  He received no reaction from LaHaye or any of his tour mates after the publication of the book or the Vanity Fair story.

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