Telegraph Investigation: Councillors across England are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks.
Holly Watt
Claire Newell
Ben Bryant
Investigative reporters for The Telegraph reveal that Councillors across England are offering themselves to be employed by property developers for large sums of money.
WFAA's "series uncovered widespread recruiting fraud among Marine, Navy and Air Force recruiters in North Texas. Not only were recruiters lying about the academic qualifications of their enlistees, they were teaching the enlistees to lie about their background, thereby planting the idea that the Armed Forces are corrupt."
Nellie Bly Repeats in Detail Her Story About Lobbyist Phelps; Step by Step She Shows How She Trapped Him and Exposed Him; Her Appearance Before the House Judiciary Committee Is the Sensation of the Day; The Committee Admits Its Limited Powers, but Interrogates Her Closely as to the Expose in 'The World' and She Answers Clearly and Directly; Phelps Goes on the Stand and Makes a Succession of Denials and Admissions; He Says He Never Mentioned that He Could Buy Any Legislators, and that the Names of the Six Interested Men on the Cities' Committee Were Not Referred to; He Calls Himself a Speculator and a Bill-Gurnisher; How He Explains Things; Lobbyist Wood Is Also Examined, but Denies Everything; The Testimony is Full
Edward R. Phelps, the Owner of the Legislature, Again in Albany
Chapter and verse on the Mirage findings and the government's response by the day the month-long series concluded.
Editorial decrying the misuse of on-duty firemen to sell tickets to a charity that supported the commissioner's marching band.
Editorial asssessing the opinion poll results.
Editorial urges the Mayor to investigate the management of the fire department.
"Mayor Denies Payoffs, Shakedowns Prevalent"
Michael Flannery
Karen Koshner
BGA calls for creation of a city ombudsman with the authority to investigate citizen complaints about city inspectors who are negligent or corrupt.
Pamela Zekman
Better Government Assn. calls on Mayor to investigate Fire Department after Mirage disclosures, such as that on-duty firemen were selling tickets during working hours for a charity for widows and orphans whose main beneficiary was the commissioner's marching band.
Editorial lauds Democratic leaders of the State Assembly for developing a strategy to attack state tax cheating.
Michael Flannery
The building commissioner defends his performance and asserts that corruption and negligence in his agency are not widespread.
Editorial chastizing the mayor's response to the Mirage investigation findings.
Pamelaa Zekman
Zay N. Smith
Four city sanitation workers are to be suspended for five days for accepting money to make illegal garbage collections at the Mirage.
Editorial pushes for state legislative commission to look into corruption scandal.
Michael FlanneryI
Pamela Zekman
Governor renews demand for a proposed legislative commission to investigate city licensing and inspection procedures.
Michael Flannery
Pamela Zekman
State revenue agents raid 21 locations and seize 78 unlicensed pinball and video game machines and jukeboxes, acting on information coming out of the Mirage series.
Pamela Zekman
Zay N. Smith
Mirage team learns how the vending machine salesman work.
Mirage editorial, again urging the City Council to take action.
Michael Flannery
Illinois' Liquor Control Commission orders the auditing of records of four beer and liquor distributors whose salesman offered to violate laws when they visited the Mirage.
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