"Tales Tramps Tell" - Josiah Flynt - Los Angeles Times

"Tales Tramps Tell" - Josiah Flynt - Los Angeles Times

Their Wails of Woe Must Often Be Veritable Works of Arts

by: Josiah Flynt | publication date: January 7, 1900 | Publication: Los Angeles Times | pages: IM11

Each Has His "System" - The tramps' methods of begging, as has been said, are largely regulated by circumstances and experience, but even the amateurs among them have theories about the professions, and they are never more interesting than when sitting around some "hang-out" campfires, discussing their notions of the kind of "ghost stories" that go best with different sorts of people. Indeed, the bulk of their time is passed in conferences of this character. Each man, like a passionate gambler, has a "system," and he enjoys "chewing the rag" about its intricacies.

In this special report to the Los Angeles Times, Flynt reveals different strategies tramps employ while begging for food and shelter.

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