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VII-"To Catch a Predator: A Cyber Twilight Zone in Ft. Myers, Fla." - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

The men we met during the latest 'To Catch a Predator' investigation Chris Hansen ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-07-23 14:26

V-"To Catch a Predator: Admitted child abuser caught in sting" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Meet more of the men from our Ohio investigation Chris Hansen Part two ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-07-23 14:28

VI-"To Catch a Predator: Caught on camera, but not surprised" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Despite awareness of recent stings, some potential predators still take a chance and make a date online with an underaged teen Chris Hansen ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2012-10-31 06:57

III-"To Catch a Predator" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Dateline's ongoing hidden camera investigation into computer sex predators--grown men, trolling the Web for sex with minors. This time, police are making arrests ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-06-24 13:47

II-"To Catch a Predator: Catching potential Internet sex predators" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

A long line of visitors expected to find a young teen they'd been chatting with online, home alone. Instead, they found Dateline cameras ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-06-24 13:33

I-To Catch a Predator: Dangers children face online" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Dateline hidden camera investigation turns spotlight on Internet predators Chris Hansen ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-06-24 13:36