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Ted Conover

Screen shot 2011-11-25 at 7.09.51 AM.png Tue, 1980-01-01 - Mon, 2012-12-31 ...

Cluster - brookekroeger - 2013-04-16 08:28

"The Dream Boat" - Luke Mogelson and Joel Van Houdt - New York Times Magazine

More than a thousand refugees have died trying to reach Christmas Island. But faced with unbearable conditions at home, they keep coming. Luke ...

Published Article - brookekroeger - 2013-11-19 06:41

"The Long Road North" - John Davidson - Texas Monthly

Hunger, Thirst, Exhaustion, and Snakebite Plague the Journey of the Wetback, but There's Only One Danger That Counts. John Davidson ...

Published Article - brookekroeger - 2012-07-26 11:48

"The Crossing: A special report: A Perilous 4,000-Mile Passage to Work" - Charlie LeDuff - New York Times

LeDuff shadowed a group of Mexicans crossing the border illegally into the United States and making their way to Farmingville, N.Y. "So ...

Published Article - brookekroeger - 2011-11-24 19:32