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"Youngsters of All Ages Free to Browse Among Hashish Pipes, Obscene Comic Books" - Mike Goodman - Los Angeles Times

Mike Goodman The reporter observers as if a customer to report on the prevalence of young teens frequenting the more than 20 head shops in the ...

Published Article - brookekroeger - 2012-06-04 10:47

"Times' Bernheimer Wins Pulitzer for Music Criticism" - John J. Goldman - Los Angeles Times

John J. Goldman Article on 1982 Pulitzer Prize winners contains (in last add) reporting on the Pulitzer jury and board deliberations ...

Published Article - brookekroeger - 2012-05-31 10:40

"Undercover, Under Fire" - Ken Silverstein - Los Angeles Times

The Washington press corps is too busy cozying up to the people it covers to get at the truth. Ken Silverstein ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2013-07-23 13:23

"NPR video stings ethics too" - James Rainey - Los Angeles Times

Secret recordings like the ones that took down NPR's Ron Schiller and embarrassed Republican Gov. Scott Walker signal a disturbing move away from transparency in news gathering. ...

Published Article - aohlheiser - 2012-07-11 11:09