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Central State Psychiatric Hospital Exposé - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

Sutherland (rt.) and a hospital director inspect one of the rooms where Sutherland stayed. The Nashville Tennessean ...

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"The Nellie Brown Mystery" - Unsigned - New York World

Her Story as Told from Day to Day by the City Newspapers; From the Sun, Sunday, Sept 25, WHO IS THIS INSANE GIRL? She Is Pretty, Well Dressed and Speaks Spanish; She Wandered Into Matron Stenard's Home for ...

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"Among the Mad" - Nellie Bly - Godey's Lady's Book

Nellie Bly Bly gives the back story of her madhouse expose. Tuesday, ...

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IX-"Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

Water Perils Inmates at Kankakee Frank Smith In this ninth, and second to ...

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