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"Made in the U.S.A." - Helen Zia - Ms. magazine

Helen Zia Helen Zia goes undercover for Ms. Magazine to investigate the sweatshops of San Francisco that employ Asian-American women workers. ...

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"65 Cents an Hour - A Special Report" - Jane H. Lii - New York Times

"Week in Sweatshop Reveals Grim Conspiracy of the Poor" Jane H. Lii ...

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I-"Merlina's Job in Oscar Herrera's Factory" - Merle Linda Wolin - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

Merle Linda Wolin The first in a series of articles about LA sweatshops, based on undercover reporting as a Spanish-speaking worker by Linda ...

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XV-"Brown: 'It's wrong for a civilized society...'" - Merle Linda Wolin - Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Merle Linda Wolin Merle Linda Wolin interviews California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. about her findings after reporting undercover from ...

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"I Got Hired at a Bangladesh Sweatshop. Meet my 9-year-old Boss" - Raveena Aulakh - Toronto Star

Meem, 9, works 12-hour shifts at a factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She dreams of becoming a sewing operator, buying more hair clips and helping her family.akhaiof ...

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