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"ABC's Food Lion Story Didn't Sully Journalism" - Michael A. Cooper - New York Times

Michael A. Cooper Michael A. Cooper's letter to the editor of The New York Times in response to Paul Starobin's article on the ...

Published Article - EASTHAMPTON - 2012-06-20 05:36

"Beyond ABC v. Food Lion" - Walter Goodman - The New York Times

Walter Goodman Walter Goodman argues if deceptive practices in journalism are ever justified. ...

Published Article - EASTHAMPTON - 2012-08-13 13:18

"Critic's Notebook; Repercussions of Getting a Story by Sneaky Means" - Walter Goodman - New York Times

Walter Goodman The negative ramifications of using the method of undercover reporting are discussed. The Food Lion exposé is being used as an ...

Published Article - EASTHAMPTON - 2012-08-16 18:43

"Editorial Notebook; Revisiting the Food Lion Case" - Terry Tang - The New York Times

Terry Tang The use of deception is questioned once again regarding ABC's Food Lion expose. ...

Published Article - EASTHAMPTON - 2012-08-13 11:39

"Food Lion Slows Expansion in Wake of TV Report" - Unsigned - The New York Times

A short report on the slowing down of Food Lion's expansion as a result of the tv report. "Food Lion Inc. said yesterday that it ...

Published Article - beeren - 2013-07-22 10:42

"Media Talk; Journalists Defending the 'How' In Their Work" - Felicity Barringer - The New York Times

Felicity Barringer Journalists discuss the methods they use to get the best story. ...

Published Article - EASTHAMPTON - 2012-08-16 18:45