Review: "The Great Auction-Sale" - Unsigned - Atlantic Monthly

Review: "The Great Auction-Sale" - Unsigned - Atlantic Monthly

Great Auction-Sale of Slaves, at Savannah, Georgia. New York: Published by the American Anti-Slavery Society

by: | publication date: September 1, 1859 | Publication: Atlantic Monthly | volume: 4 | journal issue: 23 | pages: 386-387

". . .The result of his observations was a report of considerable length, in which every striking incident of the sale was narrated with accurate fidelity. Although written mostly on the rail and against time, under circumstances which would be fatal to the labors of any man not inured by newspaper experience to all sorts of literary hardships, the style is clear, distinct, and often eloquent. . ."

A review of Thomson's account of Pierce Butler's slave auction in the Atlantic Monthly literary journal.

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