"Phantom Classes" - Marla Jo Fisher - IRE Journal

"Phantom Classes" - Marla Jo Fisher - IRE Journal

High School Athletes Used to Pump Up College Funds

by: Marla Jo Fisher | publication date: March 1, 2003 | Publication: IRE Journal |

"The tip sounded promising, but nothing to write home about. A parent e-mailed our editor, claiming his teenage sons in high school had received college credit for taking sports classes they signed up for, but never actually attended. Andy Carl told Scott M. Reid, The Orange County Register's sports investigative reporter, that his sons, James and Nathan, had been ordered by the athletic director to fill out college enrollment forms and return them, along with the rest of those in the sixth-period athletic program. . ."

Reporter Marla Jo Fisher went undercover to investigate the hoax of college students receiving credits for classes they never took, so that community colleges could get more state funding.

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