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O'Keefe secretly recorded a conversation between NPR's Ron Schiller and two of O'Keefe's partners, posing as representatives of the "Muslim Education Action Center."  The video, which was later revealed to be heavily edited, contained a number of instances of Schiller allegedly calling the Tea Party racist and Islamophobic.  


Media History

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Effects and Outcomes

O'Keefe started the NPR project after the firing of Juan Williams.  The public backlash against that act - Williams is a conservative - set the stage for significant attention paid to O'Keefe's videos.  Three NPR executives resigned as a result of these videos, and the House (but not the Senate) voted to defund NPR.  O'Keefe also released the full, unedited conversation with Schiller.  Among other outlets, conservative site The Blaze compared the claims of the edited version of the video to those of the unedited video, and found a number of discrepancies. 

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