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National Security and Intelligence

Live Discussion with Post Staff Writer Dana Priest

by: | publication date: March 1, 2007 | Publication: The Washington Post |

Washington: Obviously this now will get some attention, but do you think changing a few faces in charge will really make that much difference? I got the impression that it was a general attitude that needed changing more than anything else. The comment, "what do you want, pool tables and ping-pong tables in there?" was a total dodge. Pool tables? How about a functional medical facility? Dana Priest: Changing leaders sends the ultimate signal to the military -- it's a big step, and seldom taken. How many generals have been relieved for failing to "win" the Iraq war? Just doesn't happen much. But you're right, it's the general attitude and the effort to streamline the bureaucracy that will make a real difference.

Washington Post reporter Dana Priest fields questions online from readers about the Walter Reed investigative series and its possible impact.

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