"Medical Welfare Rip-Off" - Joel Grover - The IRE Journal

"Medical Welfare Rip-Off" - Joel Grover - The IRE Journal

California Clinics Use Homeless to File False Claims

by: Joel Grover | publication date: November 1, 2001 | Publication: IRE Journal |

". . .For months, I'd been getting tips at KCBS describing the same scam: Wealthy Los Angeles doctors were somehow recruiting busloads of homeless patients to come to their clinics. Once there, the homeless patients were asked to fake illnesses, and in return would get paid an illegal kickback. The doctors could then charge bogus treatments to "Medi-Cal," the state's welfare program that provides healthcare for the poor. Sure, it was a great story, but the tips always lacked key information, such as how these homeless patients were recruited, and who was behind this scam. But my producer, Jennifer Cobb, and I were determined to document this amazing scam on undercover tape, start to finish. . ."

Joel Grover investigated and exposed many illegal medical clinics in California.

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