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A full two years before The Washington Post reported on Walter Reed Army Medical Center, reporter Walter Benjamin published a series of articles on the hospital. While Washington Post reporters Anne Hull and Dana Priest won Pulitzers, Benjamin's work drew relatively little attention at the time.


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  • II-"Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Behind the Walls of Ward 54" - Mark Benjamin - Salon | They're overmedicated, forced to talk about their mothers instead of Iraq, and have to fight for disability pay. Traumatized combat vets say the Army is failing them, and after a year following more than a dozen soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, I believe them.

    February 18, 2005
    The first major article about the poor quality of care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This story focuses on the ...
  • III-"Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Losing Their Minds" - Mark Benjamin - Salon | More U.S. soldiers than ever are sustaining serious brain injuries in Iraq. But a significant number of them are being misdiagnosed, forced to wait for treatment or even being called liars by the Army.

    January 5, 2006
    An article highlighting the increasing number of soldiers returning from war with brain injuries and psychiatric ...
  • I-"Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Insult to Injury" - Mark Benjamin - Salon | Some wounded soldiers back from Iraq are having to pay for meals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Veterans' groups say it's another symptom of fighting a costly war on the cheap.

    January 27, 2005
    At Walter Reed Army Medical Center, hundreds of wounded outpatient veterans whose stay exceeds 90 days must pay for ...