"The Jungle at 100" - Chris Bachelder - Mother Jones

"The Jungle at 100" - Chris Bachelder - Mother Jones

Why the reputation of Upton Sinclair's good book has gone bad

by: Chris Bachelder | publication date: January 1, 2006 | Publication: Mother Jones |

The Jungle was rejected by a half-dozen publishers, including Macmillan (“Gloom and horror unrelieved,” noted one of Brett’s readers. “As to the possibilities of a large sale, I should think them not very good.”), before Doubleday, Page & Company agreed to publish it. The book came out 100 years ago, in February 1906, when Sinclair was 27, and it achieved immediate and astonishing international success. According to the New York Evening World, “Not since Byron awoke one morning to find himself famous has there been such an example of worldwide celebrity won in a day by a book as has come to Upton Sinclair.”

In this article marking the one hundredth anniversary of Sinclair's book "The Jungle," the author details its enormous success at the time of its release and reflects on why it isn't considered as highly anymore.

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