"Journalism Under Fire" - William A. Henry III - Time Magazine

"Journalism Under Fire" - William A. Henry III - Time Magazine

A growing perception of arrogance threatens American press

by: William A. Henry III | publication date: December 12, 1983 | Publication: Time Magazine | volume: 122 | journal issue: 025 | pages: 76+ (cover story - 10 pp)

". . .Another factor in provoking distrust is the suspicion that journalists care little about accuracy. When the Washington Post, New York Times and New York Daily News all discovered, during 1981 and 1982, that they had printed stories that reporters had embellished or invented, much of the public took extreme cases as typical of journalism and expressed delight that major news organizations had been humiliated. . ."

Although journalism was disrespected and mistrusted by the public, it still plays a crucial role in being a common ground of knowledge for a democracy.

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