IV-"Studies in the Slums" - Helen Campbell - Lippincott's

IV-"Studies in the Slums" - Helen Campbell - Lippincott's


by: Helen Campbell | publication date: August 1, 1880 | Publication: Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science | pages: 213-217

"I've never told the whole straight, ahead, ma'am. The Lord knows it all an' there've been times I couldn't ha' done it, an' wouldn't ha' done it if I could ha' helped it. For, you see, in spite of the deviltry I never quite got rid of the sense that God sat lookin' at me, an' that, I do suppose, come from what stuck to me, whether or no, in the school. An' you'd wonder that anything stuck or could."

In this article, Campbell tells a story of reform through Jack, a resident of the Fourth Ward, who after a long life of crime finally manages to get his life on track. Campbell's articles published in Lippincott's Magazine, along with those from Sunday Afternoon, were reprinted in a book titled "The Problem of the Poor" (1888).

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