"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times



A 25-part Chicago Daily Times series about the abortion trade in Chicago in 1888 for which two reporters posed as a couple in search of these services.


Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper

Effects and Outcomes

The publisher's decision to assign the series against the objections of editor Charles Chapin prompted his immediate resignation.

Articles, Books, Video/Film

  • I-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Infanticide: The Revelation Resulting from an Investigation Made by 'The Times;' Child Murder Committed to an Appalling Extent in Chicago; Leading Physicians and Well-Known Midwives Involved in the Crime; The Lives Choked Out of Little Ones on the Very Threshold of Existence; A Series of Articles Giving Names and Addresses That Will Astonish the People."

    December 12, 1888
  • II-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Child-Murder Practiced as One of the Fine Arts in Chicago: How the Midwives Look Upon Abortion and with What Ease They Can Be Hired to Perform It; Several of the Well-Known Madames Consent to Commit Brutal Crimes for Small Pay; Physicians Called in to Assist When Necessary -- One of Them Named by a Midwife; The Preliminary Story Gives Indication of What May Be Expected to Follow

    December 13, 1888
  • III-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. F.H. Thurston of 8018 Indiana Avenue Would be Accommodating; He Has a Prosperous Practice Among the Ladies and Is Quite Cautious, but Would Fix it All Right; With a Few Exceptions All the Professional Midwives in Chicago are Abortionists; Child-Murder, a Common Practice and Looked Upon in a Matter-of-Fact Sort of Way; The Peculiar Gratitude of a Betrayed Wife Whose Husband Has Ruined Her Slater."

    December 14, 1888
  • IV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Shocking Results of the Inquiry Up to the Present Time; A List of the Midwives Who Are Engaged in the Practice of Abortion; Dr. Norman Bridge Indignantly Declines to Meddle with Such Cases -- Doctors Who Consent; The Story of the Female Reporter Who Took Part in the Investigation; She Found the Drs. Emile Siegmund, E. W. Edwards, and the Brute Chaffee Were in the Business; Some Startling Revelations Concerning the Extent of the Practice in Chicago

    December 15, 1888
  • V-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "A Curse That Is Blighting American Society and Blasting American Homes; It Destroys the Offspring of Natives and Leaves to Others the Task of Raising Children; Thousands Upon Thousands of Abortions Committed Annually in the City of Chicago; Midwives and Reputable Physicians Engaged in the Practice of Child-Murder; Doctors Who Would Not Be Tempted and Many Who Were but Too Willing to Take Blood Money; Stanley Ely, Simpson, and Police Surgeon Silva Were Ready for Business; A Woman Physician Who Set a Noble Example to Her Male Brethren in the Profession

    December 16, 1888
  • VI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The President of the Medico-Legal Society Indorses 'The Times'; Approbation from a Quarter Where the Imperative of the Disclosures Is Understood; The Girl Reporter's Narrative Continued and More Startling Revelations Made; Physicians Who Stand Among the Highest Detected in Their Crimes; A Brief Resume of the Work Done UP to Date by the Inquiry of This Newspaper; The Inquiry Will Be Extended and Bring About Serious Consequences for Some of the Doctors"

    December 17, 1888
  • VII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. Hale's Letter of Introduction to the Young Girl Reporter; It Would Land Her in a Very Respectable Institution Where the Job Could Be Done; His Dose of Pills, Which Were to Be Taken as a Mere Technicality, or Rather as a Blind; The Prescription Given by Dr. T. Heuching, the German Scientist; It Said One Thing, Meant Another, and a Very Serious and Criminal Thing; Some More Physicians Who Would Engage in Child Murder if They Had a Chance; And Some of Whom the Decent People of Chicago May Well Feel Proud; Action of the Chicago Medical Society -- 'The TImes' Indorsed Again"

    December 18, 1888
  • VIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. C.C.P. Silva Dismissed in Disgrace from His Position as Police Surgeon; Another Retrospective Glance at the Work Accomplished by 'The Times'; The Black List of Unprincipled Physicians Growing Larger Every Day; But men of Sterling Character Are Found in One of the Noblest Professions; Indorsements and Encouraging Letters Pouring In From All Directions to This Journal; The Girl Reporter Continues her Story and Shows Up Another Scoundrel; Dr.s Hale and Chamberlin Make Explanations That Will Hardly Hold Water; A Visit to Colwell's Lying-In Hospital --The Law Concerning the Crime of Abortion"

    December 19, 1888
  • IX-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Practice of Abortion Is Driving Honorable Medical Practitioners to the Rear; Young Physicians and Comparative Strangers Reaping a Rich Harvest; The Scandanavian Medical Society Adopts Vigorous Resolutions Approving the Inquiries; Dr. Hobart Lectures on 'The Times' Expose at the Chicago Homeopathic College; The Students Present Him and the Girl Reporter with Magnificent Floral Tributes; The Latter Continues Her Story and Brings Down Some More Game; What the Medical and Medico-Legal Societies Will Probably Do in the Premises; Letters of Indorsement from Some More of the Leading Physicians of Chicago and Elsewhere"D a

    December 20, 1888
  • X-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Another Medical Man in the Employment of the City Falls by the Wayside; Coey is the Man and a Charitable View of His Case Does Not Make It Look Well; Dr. A.B. Bausman Was Eager to Perform the Atrocious Crime of Child-Murder Also; Physicians Who Passed Through the Ordeal with Credit to Their Profession; The Girl Reporter Proceeds to Scald Those Eminent Physicians Chamberlin and Hale; Another Presentation of Flowers to a Physician Who Proved Himself to Be Above Temptation; Testimonials and Indorsements from the Physicians of Chicago Continue to Pour in Upon 'The Times'"

    December 21, 1888
  • XI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Investigation Leads to the Unearthing of a Most Atrocious Crime; A Woman Compelled to Undergo a Brutal Operation at the Hands of Dr. Simpson; Dr. Peter Arndt Was Ready to Perform an Abortion for One Hundred Dollars; Drs. Ludlam and Hurst Pass Through Safely -- Dr. Lewis Puts Up Safeguards; More Testimonials--Dr. Gwynne, Dr. Belfield, and the Girl Reporter the Recipients; The Latter Presented with a Gold Pen by Students of the College of Dental Surgery; Record of Dr. Higgins Who Figures in This Exposure--A Ruffianly Career; The Inquiry Taking a Wider Range and the Interest Growing Stronger in All Directions"

    December 22, 1888
  • XII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Takes in a Batch of Physicians; Several of Them Prove to Be More than Willing to Commit Abortion; Some Ready and Anxious to Proceed with the Horrible Crime Without Any Delay; Prominent Physicians Who Have Not the Stamina to Stand Up for What They Know to Be Right; Among Them Drs. Knoll, Carr, Davis, Atwood, Tooker, and Sharpe; The Black List Rapidly Growing Larger--A Corrected Classification Up to Date; What 'The Times' Started Out to Do and What It Hopes to Accomplish Through This Inquiry; Letters Sustaining the Crusade Received from Nearly Every Reputable Physician in the City"

    December 23, 1888
  • XIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Crusade Upon Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Manly and Christian Men Among the Number--Their Kind Advice"

    December 24, 1888
  • XIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Crusade Upon the Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom Was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Many and Christian Men Among the Number --Their Kind Advice"

    December 25, 1888
  • XVI-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. W.T. Belfield Presents His Views on the Question 'What Will Come of It'?; He Thinks the Results Will be Great and Permanent if the License Law Is Changed; State Supervision of Medical Practice and Practitioners Is an Absolute Necessity; 'The Times' Crusade Will Have Been All in Vain If It Is Not Continued by Physicians; Remarks of the Girl Reporter on the Establishment of a Lying-In Hospital; The Chicago Medical Society Investigates the Charges Against Dr. Coey; Another Brutal Operation by Higgins-Reynolds Brings a Libel Suit-- Correspondence"

    December 27, 1888
  • XVIII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Reputable Physicians Discuss the Infanticide Horror and How It May Be Stopped; Additional Power Should Be Given the State Board to Regulate Medical Practice; And All Physicians of Questionable Character Should Be Shut Out of the Profession; But the Real Remedy, It Is Agreed, Lies in a Higher Moral Education of the Young; Drs. B.N. Isham, Charles Gilman Smith, Truman W. Miller, John M. Owens, and Others On the Subject; Mrs. Julia Holmes Smith and Sarah Hackett Stevenson Express Their Views on Remedial Measures"

    December 29, 1888
  • XIX-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. Rauch Advises Strict Enforcement of Existing Laws Against the Abortionists; An Examining Board with Authority to Ignore Diplomas Would Be a Step Forward; Dr. Charles Adams Says that New Laws Are Needed as the State Board Is Powerless; Many Point Out a Radical Revision of Sexual Ethics as the Only Certain Moral Remedy; A Medical Paper Commends 'The Times''s Articles and Denounces the Dishonorable Practitioners"

    December 30, 1888
  • XX-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Father Butler Says There Are Almost No Cases of Abortions Among Catholics; He Thinks the Protestant Church Too Lax in Its Teachings Against Social Sins and Crimes; Needed Reforms in Methods of Medical Education -- More Suggestions from Correspondents"

    December 31, 1888
  • XXI-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. Justin Hayes Favors the Most Stringent Laws Against Abortionists; Arguments by Doctors and Laymen Bearing Upon the Moral, Judicial, and Medical Phases of the Evil; The Proposition to Found a Lying-In Hospital Approved; Many Diplomas Obtained Too Easily"

    January 1, 1889
  • XXII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Judge Hortch Gives His Ideas of the Moral and Legal Responsibility; And he with Dr. H.A. Johnson, Believes Good Will Come of 'The Times''s Crusade Against Infanticide; A Scathing Letter Directed at Preachers Too Cowardly to Speak Against the Great Crime"

    January 2, 1889
  • XVII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. N.S. Davis Thinks Doctors Should Be Licensed Only After Three Years' Study; Then the State Board Should Debar from Practice Those Convicted of Abortion; Dr. I.N. Danforth Commends the Measures Advocated by Dr. Belfield as Remedial Means; Taking a Humane View of it Dr. H.T. Byford Thinks a Lying-In Hospital Ought to Be Founded; An Institution Modeled After the Great Hospital at Vienna Dr. Zelater Thinks the Best Plan; The Great Responsibility of Inconsiderate Husbands from a Women's Point of View; Female Solicitors of Abortion Cases Employed by a Number of City Physicians"

    December 28, 1888
  • XXIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. De Wolf Says 'The Times' Has Begun the Grandest Moral Work of Modern Ages; He Believes Its Widespread Agitation of the Crime of Abortion Will Bring About Much Good; Dr. Edmond Andrews and Others Recommend Very Important Reforms in Medical Legislation"

    January 3, 1889
  • XXIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "Dr. Frank Cary Says There Is Urgent Need for an Interstate Medical Law; Miss Willard Makes an Earnest Appeal for Co-Operation in Works Which Strive for Social Purity; Members of the Medical Profession Continue to Discuss Methods of Preventing Infanticide"

    January 4, 1889
  • XXV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "A Lady Physician Would Hold Men Accountable for Deeds of Immorality; Dr. Odelia Blinn Doubts Whether a Lying-In Hospital Would Bring About a Proper State of Things; The State Should Have Entire Control of The Numerous Medical and Charitable Institutions"

    January 5, 1889
  • XV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times | "The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Concludes Her Well-Told Story; In a Few Words She Sums Up Her Experiences and Draws Certain Conclusions; Dr. Cotton a Cross-Questioner of the Court-Room Stripe--Dr. Bush a Man You May Tie To; H.N. Sneall, M.D. Suggested a Plan That Would at Least Save Himself from Disgrace; Simpson, the Notorious, Suggested by Dr. Thilo and Dr. Korsell Would Do It If It Had to Be Done; Other Physicians Who Were Weak on Some Points and Strong on Others"

    December 26, 1888