"Imam Uproar" - Tom Merriman - IRE Journal

"Imam Uproar" - Tom Merriman - IRE Journal

Imam's history hurts credibility on local scene

by: Tom Merriman | publication date: May 1, 2003 | Publication: IRE Journal | pages: pp. 23; 29-30.

 "The instructions were simple: Catch a flight to a city on the east coast. Rent a car. Drive to a specific parking garage. Await instructions. The rules were uncompromising: No cameras. No taxis. No disclosure of my ultimate destination. The payoff was unbelievable: Complete access to hidden camera tapes, transcripts, and translations documenting the Islamic terror network in America."ire

Tom Merriman, an investigative reporter with the WJW-FOX 8 I-Team in Cleveland. "When he researched 'The Imam Investigation,' he was prohibited by a non-compete clause from appearing on air. His I-Team colleague Bill Sheil reported the story.

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