II-"The Blackbird Cruise" - W.H. Brommage - San Francisco Chronicle

II-"The Blackbird Cruise" - W.H. Brommage - San Francisco Chronicle

"Further Details of the Slaver 'Mont Serrat’s' Expedition to the Gilbert Islands; A Probable Explanation of the Disaster That Befell the “Black-Birder” Tahiti; The Strange Story of the Pirate Jergerson Rivaling the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe; A Native Execution Described"

by: W. H. Brommage | publication date: October 16, 1892 | pages: 1

". . .The story of the cruise of the “blackbird” steamer Montserrat was told in yesterday’s “Examiner” by the special correspondent, mr. W.H. Brommage, who had shipped as a sailor for the voyage. In obedience to the instructions under which he set out Mr. Brommage confined his narrative to a simple and accurate statement of the facts with no attempt of sensational effect. In fact, the story was modified by the suppression of some details which would have thrown the horrors of the traffic into stronger relief. To-day our correspondent makes some additions to his narrative which will be found exceedingly interesting. . ."

The second part of Brommage's two-part expose of the California blackbirding practice.

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