II-"Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley - San Francisco Chronicle

II-"Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley - San Francisco Chronicle

Cons' Main Street

by: Tim Findley | publication date: February 23, 1971 | Publication: San Francisco Chronicle | pages: 1

". . .To save money, Soledad Central was built along the contours of the gently sloping green fields of the Salinas Valley.The main corridor thus drops in a long graduated stairsteps and from the east end literally looks like an endless tunnel with only a pinpoint of light showing from the low end where the corridor opens into the big yard.Superintendent Cletus J. Fitzharris calls the corridor "a quarter mile of madness."About 1500 men live on their side of it. It is their only thoroughfare to everything that comprises their world for as long as a lifetime. . ."

In Findley's second contribution, a collection of anecdotes of day-to-day life on the inside drawn from his stay in Soledad prison. He pays considerable attention to the physical space of the prison itself in addition to describing his interactions with other inmates and sketching colorful pictures of fellow inmates.

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