I-"The Woman That Toils" - Bessie van Vorst - Everybody's Magazine

I-"The Woman That Toils" - Bessie van Vorst - Everybody's Magazine

"Experiences of a Literary Woman as a Working Girl"

by: Bessie (Mrs. John) van Vorst | publication date: September 1, 1902 | Publication: Everybody's Magazine | volume: 7 | journal issue: 3 | pages: 211-225

"... This land which we are accustomed to call democratic, is in reality composed of a multitude of kingdoms whose despots are the employers, the multi-millionaire patrons, and whose serfs are the laboring men and women. The rulers are invested with an authority and a power not unlike those possessed by the early barons, the feudal lords, the Lorenzo de Medicis, the Cheops; but with this difference, that whereas Pharaoh by his unique will controlled a thousand slaves, Carnegie uses, for his own country what it is, industrially and economically. ..."

The precede in Everybody's reads: "The following is an account of the writer's actual experiences while working for purposes of investigation side by side with the girls of a great city factory. It is the first of a series of five articles to appear in this magazine, of which two have been written by her sister-in-law, Miss Marie van Vorst, the well-known novelist and daughter of the late Judge Van Vorst, Chancellor of the State of New York -- Editor."

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