I-"The Black Dispatch" - Neil Henry - Washington Post

I-"The Black Dispatch" - Neil Henry - Washington Post

"The Long, Hot Wait for Pickin' Work"

by: Neil Henry | publication date: October 9, 1983 | Publication: The Washington Post | pages: A1

"For five hot and dusty weeks this summer I'd waited at SOME House to hear those words.

"I arrived there at dawn each morning, eager to explore a mysterious phenomenon known in the slums of Washington as 'the Bus,' a motley assortment of vans that show up at public parks, unemployment offices, sherlters and soup kitchens a dozen times or more from July to November to load up with men desperate for work.

"Some have given the Bus a more ominous name -- the Black Dispatch . . ."

Neil Henry describes his journey from a Washington, D.C. soup kitchen known as SOME House to the "pickin'" fields of North Carolina.

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