"Hungry" (Part II) - Lauren W. Gilfillan - Forum and Century

"Hungry" (Part II) - Lauren W. Gilfillan - Forum and Century

Part II

by: Lauren W. Gilfillan | publication date: July 1, 1932 | Publication: Forum and Century | volume: 88 | journal issue: 1 | pages: 42-48

 From the precede: "At six o'clock she started with a truckload of youngsters for Pittsburgh, thirty-five miles away, to beg for money for food. Singing workers' songs in an atmosphere of picniclike gayety, the crew, with its two young Communist leaders, arrived in the city, only to be stopped by a protesting policeman. They waited in suspect for the storm to burst." 

Second part of Lauren Gilfillan's recounting of her experiences posing as a miner's child in community with the strike-bound Pittsburg coal miners.

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