"Hungry" - Lauren W. Gilfillan - Forum and Century

"Hungry" - Lauren W. Gilfillan - Forum and Century

Part I

by: Lauren W. Gilfillan | publication date: June 1, 1932 | Publication: Forum and Century | volume: 87 | journal issue: 6 | pages: 334-340

 ". . . In the pallid light I set to work. I brushed my teeth -- although I knew an authentic miner's child would not have done so -- with the strange-tasting sotty rain water in the pitcher. Better than the well water with its danger of typhoid. . . Now - clothes. A faded calico dress, ill-fitting, voluminous, with a tear in one sleeve. Too clean, this dress but it would soon be grimy enough. . . ." 

From the precede: "'There's a coal strike on in the Pittsburgh field. Why don't you go there and live with the miners and see what it's all about? If you have writing in you, that ought to bring it out. . . .' . . . because of her slight stature and immature appearance, she was able to pass as a miner's child. . . "

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