How to Use

How to Use

Refresh your browser if you would like to see more images from the limited selection of hand-curated Clusters featured on the home page. There are many more. To access all of the Clusters, use the Browse drop-down button and select Clusters .


Search by entering terms in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page (for example, by keyword, media organization, specific date, year, or author.)


Browse from the tab on the upper left. You may browse the database by Clusters, as noted above (groups of articles on a specific event, theme, author, date, or publication) or by Primary Documents (individual articles, listed by most recent date first).


Latest Entries on far right-hand side of the home page lists the most recent material added.


Inside each article, a list of Additional Resources appears in the far left-hand side of the page, below the listing of reporters' names.