"How Hobos Are Made" - Josiah Flynt - Los Angeles Times

"How Hobos Are Made" - Josiah Flynt - Los Angeles Times

A Specialist in the Evolution of the Tramp

by: Josiah Flynt | publication date: February 11, 1900 | Publication: Los Angeles Times |

Scattered over the railroads, sometimes traveling in freight cars, and sometimes sitting pensively around camp fires, working when the mood is on them and loafing when they have accumulated a "stake," always criticising other people, but never themselves, seldom very happy or unhappy, and almost constantly without homes such as the persevering workman struggles for and secures, there is an army of men and boys, who, is a census of the unemployed was taken, would have to be included in the class which the regular tramps call "Gay Cats."

Josiah Flynt analyzes a certain strata of hobo society that is called "Gay Cats," which he describes as young men who although they know certain trades, choose to find only sporadic jobs or none at all. Flynt considers these precursors to the homeless tramp or vagabond that he discusses in the majority of his writings.

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