George N. Allen's "Undercover Teacher"

George N. Allen's "Undercover Teacher"

George N. Allen

From the jacket flap: "No one knew that George N. Allen was a New York World-Telegram and Sun reporter when he took a teaching job in a Brooklyn junior high school to get an inside view of teen-age tensions and violence. 'Undercover Teacher' is the story of his courageous double-life investigation.

"His pioneering report - remarkable because it was written by an observer on the 'inside' -- couples a sharply drawn portrait of student lawlessness with suggested changes in the school system. His trained reporter's eye reveals the stresses and conflicts racking the pupils, their teachers, the administrators, and the Board of Education . . . "

The book emanates from Allen's prize-winning 1958 series for the New York World Telegram and Sun.

Book Excerpt: 
"On September 9, 1957, New York City's schools opened with an enrollment of 950,000. It was not the largest enrollment the city had seen. In earlier years the schools had coped with over a million pupils. The chairman of the city's Board of Education, Charles Silver, struck an optimistic note the day before classes began. 'Our public school system is better prepared than at any time in the past for the opening of the new school year,' he said in a public statement. "But he was wrong, very wrong. Soon after opening day the city's schools were engulfed by a wave of violence the like of which had never before been experienced by any school system in the nation. The lawlessness of the street gangs moved into the classroom, terrorizing both children and teachers. The quality as well as the quantity of crimes was startling, ranging far beyond anything that could be attributed to youthful hell-raising. The crimes included vandalism, arson, robbery, extortion, beating of children and teachers, stabbings, rapes, death threats. Teen-age mobs literally ruled some schools. In one school, they forced the resignation of an assistant principal of whom they disapproved. . . "
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Fri, 1960-01-01
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copyright, George N. Allen
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New York City
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