"Fleet Street Memories" - Elizabeth Banks - The New York Times

"Fleet Street Memories" - Elizabeth Banks - The New York Times

A dip into the diaries and notebooks left by the late Sir John Richard Robinson, the London journalist.

by: Elizabeth Banks | publication date: January 28, 1905 | Publication: The New York Times |

". . .Those of us who knew him personally, those who had heard his after-dinner speeches at club and literary gatherings, and the thousands who had followed his work as it appeared in the once great organ of English Liberal opinion, The London Daily News, looked forward with the keenest pleasure and delight to the publications of his memoirs. Most of the conspicuous persons in the world of politics, literature, art, and music during the past fifty years had been the personal friends and associated of the great journalist. . ."

Elizabeth Banks writes about Sir John Richard Robinson after his death, with whom she shared many personal memories.

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