Editorial: "The Kanaka Labour Traffic" - The Argus

Editorial: "The Kanaka Labour Traffic" - The Argus

"The Past Year"

by: The Argus | publication date: December 31, 1892 | Publication: The Argus | pages: 6

In Queensland one step has been taken towards increasing the products of the colony. The employment of Polynesian labourers on the sugar plantations has again been sanctioned at the instance of Sir Samuel Griffith, who was formerly the prime minister in preventing the engagement of Kanakas, and who has freely admitted that he was in error. The articles which we have published regarding the Kanaka traffic will serve to show how ridiculous and unfounded are the complaints that have been made against it.

Published on New Years Eve, this editorial provides a retrospective look at 1892 and mentions the importance of the paper's Kanaka labour series by J.D. Melvin.

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