Central State Psychiatric Hospital Exposé - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean



Frank Sutherland spends a month at Central State Psychiatric Hospital in Nashville, exposing its inadequate condition. The newspaper first determined there was an empty bed before having him admitted, so as not to take up a needed place, and Sutherland left without notice, but the newspaper alerted authorities on his departure, so no police time would be spent searching for him.

Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper

Effects and Outcomes

Following the series, there was a flurry of activity including offical reports urging improvements in the facility and at other area hospitals.

Years later, as the Tennessean's editor, Sutherland renounced the undercover method despite the many successes the newspaper had with it historically, including his own efforts, and abolished the practice at the paper, arguing, in effect, that truthtellers needed to be truthful in all ways.

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