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Staff Writer Betty Wells was a voluntarily committed patient for eight days at Larned State Hospital. No one at the hospital knew she was there to find out what life in a mental institution is like. This is the second of six articles.
Betty Wells
Betty Wells describes being admitted into Larned State Hospital.
After Betty Wells' series "Trip Into Darkness" Larned State Hospital is being examined.
John Patterson
John Petterson, of Our Topeka Bureau, discusses how Betty Wells' series, Trip Into Darkness, has caused a need for investigation in the Lard State Hospital.
Article reports Betty Wells appearance before a special state legislative committee on institutions in the aftermath of her February series for the Wichita Eagle on mistreatment of patients at Larned State Hospital.
Larned State Hospital announces the appointment of an internal committee to look into reports of patient mistreatment in the Betty Wells series in the Wichita Eagle.
Pawnee County Mental Health Association
From the editors note: "The following report was prepared by the Pawnee County Medical Health Association. The Report seeks to clarify misconceptions that may have arisen from a series of stories written for the Wichita Eagle."
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