John McMahon
A retrospective on the effect of the series, fifty years after it first ran.
Task Force Report
Task Force Report
From editor's note: "Thousands of alcoholics every year, most of them on public aid, go thru the alcoholism treatment center at Northeast Community Hospital, a haven for welfare loafers and often a waste of time for patients who seek help. Conditions inside the hospital are described in this last article in a series by Task Force Director Pamela Zekman and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines." In order to research this story, reporter William Crawford posed as an alcoholic and was admitted to Northeast Community Hospital for "treatment."
By von Solbrig physician
von Solbrig Physician
The Tribune Task Force reports that one particular doctor at von Solbrig hospital performs a prolific number of tonsillectomies, often on several members of a family at once, in order to receive more welfare income.
Gets welfare cash
Task Force Report
From the editor's note: "A diffuse network of flophouse operators, ambulance companies and a "patient recruiter" help keep the beds filled with public aid patients at Northeast Community Hospital, the city's largest private alcoholic treatment center. In this, the third of a series, Tribune Task Force Director Pamela Zekman and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines take a look at the patient recruiting system."
At the End of the Road - Welfare
Woody Klein
In the fifth installment of the "I Lived in a Slum" series, Woody Klein writes about his experience trying to receive welfare aid during the month he spent living in New York City's worst slums.
City Aids Admit Blight Is Gaining
Woody Klein
In this eighth and final installment of the NY World-Telegram and Sun's "I Lived in a Slum" series, Woody Klein reports on the reaction of city officials.
Lack of Inspection Brings Squalor
Woody Klein
In this seventh installment of the "I Lived in a Slum" series, NY World Telegram and Sun staff writer Woody Klein reports on the shortage of New York City Health Department inspectors and how this contributes to poor housing conditions in the city's poorest neighborhoods.
Edgar May
Edgar May writes about his experience working as an Erie County welfare caseworker during his investigation into welfare fraud for the Buffalo Evening News and offers possible solutions to the problems he encountered.
'Out of Wedlock' - Blight On Our Welfare System
A Welfare Caseworker
Written by a caseworker in the Erie County Department of Social Welfare in response to Ed May's article about the Aid to Dependent Children, this article talks about how single mothers choose not to marry because they would lose welfare benefits for their children.
Values at Issue in Quest For More Welfare Billions
Dick Burke
Buffalo Evening News reporter Dick Burke details the proposals put forth in a a report by the Advisory Council on Public Assistance that would drastically change and expand the country's welfare system.
Advisers' Plan Would Add Billions to Welfare Costs
Dick Burke
As a follow-up to the recently concluded "Our Costly Dilemma" series, the Buffalo Evening News takes a look at the future of welfare and reports that it could grow by billions of dollars in the near future, according to a report by the Advisory Council on Public Assistance.
Some Ways to Lighten The Burdens of Welfare
Ed May
In the final installment of "Our Costly Dilemma," a series about New York State's welfare program, reporter Ed May offers suggestions on how to increase the program's efficiency.
Welfare Not a Bonanza For Those Truly in Need
Ed May
In the penultimate article in his 14-part series on New York State's welfare program, Ed May explains that while some may abuse the system for extra-cash, welfare benefits provide just the bare minimum for those who rely on it entirely.
Worried About the Rent? It's More Than $7 Million
Ed May
In the twelfth article in his series about New York State's welfare system, Buffalo News reporter Ed May reveals how landlords gouge rent in poor neighborhoods, knowing that more often than not the state's welfare office will be the one paying.
Medical Costs Are Major Factors In Our Ailing Welfare System
Ed May
Ed May writes about the increasing costs of hospitalization and medical care in general and its burden on New York State's welfare system.
Welfare Fraud Carries Only Minimum of Risk
Ed May
In the ninth article of "Our Costly Dilemma" welfare series for the Buffalo Evening News, Ed May reports that welfare fraud is lightly punished, as a very small fraction of convictions results in any jail time.
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