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She Appears to be Part of an Undercover Sting Operation
Shawn Boburg
Aaron C. Davis
Alice Crites
The Post's report on an attempted undercover sting operation against the newspaper.
Joshua Solomon
Joshua Solomon attempts to recreate the experiences of John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me some 34 years later for a piece in the Washington Post.
Inside Mologne House, the Survivors of War Wrestle With Military Bureaucracy and Personal Demons
Anne Hull
Dana Priest
The second installment in The Washington Post’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning series about the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The article concentrates on Walter Reed’s primary housing facility Mologne House and the daily challenges of the wounded soldiers who live there.
Dana Priest
Anne Hull
First in a series of articles exposing the poor conditions endured by war veterans at the Walter Reed Army Medical Facility, the U.S. Army’s flagship hospital in Washington D.C. Washington Post staff writers Anne Hull and Dana Priest and photographer Michel du Cille won a Pulitzer Prize for the series in 2008.
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