Walter Reed

Defense Secretary Vows Accountability
Steve Vogel
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announces that an independent panel will look into the conditions and quality of care at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other VA hospitals in the area.
Wounded veterans still are getting the runaround from their government
An editorial by The Washington Post examining the steps taken by the government to reform the health-care system for wounded soldiers and war veterans since the Walter Reed scandal broke.
Anne Hull
Dana Priest
This article reports that the Department of Veterans Affairs doubled the benefits of Army Spec. Troy Turner, who was profiled in The Washington Post's front-page story under the headline "A Wife's Battle." This is an example of a direct positive effect of the Washington Post's coverage.
Deborah Howell
An article by The Washington Post's ombudsman Deborah Howell about the genesis of the Walter Reed series as well as the reporting methods used by reporters Hull and Priest. Howell claims they were "never undercover."
Dana Priest
Anne Hull
First in a series of articles exposing the poor conditions endured by war veterans at the Walter Reed Army Medical Facility, the U.S. Army’s flagship hospital in Washington D.C. Washington Post staff writers Anne Hull and Dana Priest and photographer Michel du Cille won a Pulitzer Prize for the series in 2008.
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