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What the latest Project Veritas flop can teach us about undercover media work.
Jack Shafer
Project Veritas went undercover and got buried in its own muck this week. Although the organization garnered few defenders inside or outside of journalism, its nutty ploy reprised the century-and-half-old debate over the uses of this kind of deception in reporting. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/11/30/fourth-estate-project-veritas-james-okeefe-215991
James Dean
Video of The Times undercover investigation into London's Lloyds Banking group.
Daniel Grote
The Times of London led an undercover investigation into the contractors employed at Lloyds Banks' payment protection insurance unit to expose the corruption within it.
An undercover reporter opens up about what it's like being undercover and not being able to reveal his identity.
The London School of Economics (LSE) and its students' union have demanded the BBC withdraw Monday's Panorama programme about North Korea.
London School of Economics students who were escorted to North Korea with BBC's undercover reporter, Tom Sweeney, are now saying that they were unaware that Sweeney was a reporter. The students say Sweeney put them in danger while being in North Korea and want the Panorama episode to put taken off air.
Holly Williams
Reporters from CBS News went undercover as buyers in Dhaka, Bangladesh to reveal the harsh working conditions in many garment factories.
BBC Panorama set up secret filming of Newark MP Patrick Mercer signing a contract with a fake lobbying company accepting £4,000 to lobby for business interests in Fiji.
Christopher Davis
Mark Thompson
David Boratav
"With China going from strength to strength, is the outside world's resolve wavering over Tibet? François Picard's panel reacts to France 24's undercover reporting on Beijing's "Sinicization" - enforced assimilation - of the Tibetan capital."
The line that editors walk between legitimate investigation and entrapment can sometimes be a fine one
Roy Greenslade
Roy Greenslade questions the legitimacy of investigative reporting. He uses several examples of times he thinks reporting has been taken too far and times when he feels reporting undercover has been justifiable.
A report by two Israeli journalists working undercover in the rebel-held Idlib region of Syria has been picked up by the Damascus regime and its Lebanese supporters Hezbollah as proof that the insurgents are siding with the Israeli “enemy”.
Brian J. Buchanan
Legislation is working to ban undercover videotaping of livestock. They are trying to eliminate uproar within citizens and keep illegal and abusive matters within their companies.
Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan interviews Mads Brügger about his documentary "The Ambassador" where he poses as a blood-diamond mining "kingpin" to expose how easy it is to smuggle gems out of a country.
Mitt Romney Wanted the Full Tape. Here It Is.
David Corn
The full tape, minus one to two minutes, as posted by Mother Jones.
A Chinese undercover reporter has documented his experiences working at Foxconn's Tai Yuan factory, presumably the production of the 'iPhone 5'
Charlie Osborne
A Chinese journalist went undercover as an iPhone assembler at a factory for ten days to expose the horrible working and living conditions.
Tad Farrell
Tad Farrell's follow-up reaction to David McNeill's front page story of The Independent "Face to Face With the World's Most Repressive Regime."
Eric Schocket
Eric Schocket collects what he believes are the best examples of undercover investigations since the depression to the 1990s.
A Meatpacking Firm Is Suing CBS Over a Covert Operation
Lyle Denniston
Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson discusses the significance of numerous investigative reporting cases.
Walter Goodman
The negative ramifications of using the method of undercover reporting are discussed. The Food Lion exposé is being used as an example.
Dubai Police Arrest 131 Beggars During Campaign Against Begging Since July 17
In Dubai, a reporter goes undercover as a beggar with the permission of the police.
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