undercover investigation

Lisa Fletcher
ABC 15 Arizona went undercover to catch an internet child predator.
News boards 14 Jets with contraband despite security push
Maki Becker
Greg Gittrich
Reporters of the Daily News set out undercover to test airport security after September 11, to see if they had become more strict.
Christopher H. Pyle
Pyle believes that the negative methods being used in journalism are ruining the press.
ABC's PrimeTime Live won an Emmy Award for its hidden-camera expose of medical labs. So why is it being sued for fraud and deception?
D. M. Osborne
In-depth look inside the suing of ABC's PrimeTime Live by John Devaraj.
Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly goes undercover to investigate the man in Central Park.
Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky
Individual privacy is being threatened by the media's use of presumptuous newsgathering techniques, writes Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky.
Ric Esther Bienstock
This is the most dramatic of the relatively recent investigations of this type. Director Bienstock and a documentary film crew infiltrated the sex trafficking trade between the Ukraine and Turkey. Her approach, like W.T. Stead's, was to infiltrate the trafficking source to underove its mechanisms. In one segment, her Russian-speaking producer, Felix Golubev, posed as a buyer (with a hidden camera in his shirt) and got an insider's look at how the system functioned. In another segment, the crew's hidden camera followed a trafficker as she made her way through Turkish customs and into Istanbul's Russian district, where she traded the women she had brought into the country.
Cynthia McFadden
Diane Sawyer
ABC News, helped by Global Survival Network, investigated sex trafficking in Israel, produing undercover videos that documented the sale of Russian women to israeli pimps in Tel Aviv. ABC paired the footage with reporter Cynthia McFadden's interviews with an official from the Israeli Ministry of the Interior and an Israeli trafficker, who described the details of the girls' captivity. At the end of the broadcast, Diane Sawyer announced that the trafficker had been arrested for running a brothel but spent only a day in jail before the charges were dropped.
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