undercover investigation

Patrick Mercer, the MP forced to resign from the Tory party over the lobbying scandal, has officially declared a £2,000 payment he accepted from undercover journalists for work as a consultant.
Peter Dominiczak
Patrick Mercer declared the £2,000 that was given to him by undercover reporters posing as lobbyists.
James Dean
Video of The Times undercover investigation into London's Lloyds Banking group.
Daniel Grote
The Times of London led an undercover investigation into the contractors employed at Lloyds Banks' payment protection insurance unit to expose the corruption within it.
In a CALL7 investigation it was revealed that three Pinnacol Assurance board members went on a company trip to oversee company employees where they apparently cost Pinnacol tens of thousands of dollars.
Jamaican lottery scam target elderly Americans
Jeff Glor
Pia Malbran
Lamont L. Belton
CBS News goes undercover in Jamaica to the source of an aggressive lottery scam that targets the elderly in the United States, bilking vulnerable individuals of thousands of dollars.
Joe Casey spent five weeks filming undercover in a private care hospital on the outskirts of Bristol after getting a job as a support worker. He was shocked by what he witnessed.
Joe Casey
Undercover reporter Joe Casey recorded the mistreatment and abuse that Winterbourne View care hospital employees inflicted on patients.
Megan O'Matz
Immigrants went undercover to investigate the mistreatment of illegal immigrants who were imprisoned for no legitimate reason.
Lisa Siregar
Writer Dewi Triana went undercover to try and reveal the secrets of the outlawed Indonesian Islamic State to write her book, "Mengapa Saya Memilih Negara Islam" ("Why I Choose an Islamic State").
A report by two Israeli journalists working undercover in the rebel-held Idlib region of Syria has been picked up by the Damascus regime and its Lebanese supporters Hezbollah as proof that the insurgents are siding with the Israeli “enemy”.
An Undercover Reporter Finds Out What it is Like to Live in a Culture of Fear and Surveillance
Ivan Hernandez
Reporter Ivan Hernandez went undercover to reveal the difficulties of living in Cuba. In this documentary they expose the experience of the Ladies in White, a church-based group of women who are relatives of the imprisoned journalists and activists.
Heidi Hemmat
Fox31's investigative team went undercover to expose dentists who have previously had their licenses revoked or suspended, who have put their patients at risk using dirty needles, abusing substances and prescribing fraudulent drugs.
News Writer Fill-In for the Hollywood Strikers
Michelle Malkin
ABC news got caught hiring actors to use for a PrimeTime Live segment.
Mark Daly
Mark Daly, a BBC reporter, went undercover as a police officer to investigate racism within the London Police Department.
Sophie Hutchinson
As a result of BBC's TV film, The Undercover Soldier, five British Army instructors have been suspended.
When the BBC Asked Me to Go Undercover in the British Army to Investigate Bullying, I Had to Think Long and Hard
Russell Sharp
BBC reporter, Russell Sharp, explains his thoughts about going undercover into the British Army.
Lucy Morgan
Jack Reed
Sheriff John M. Short gets heated during a phone interview when asked about "Operation CUP."
Lucy Morgan
Jack Reed
Jack Reed and Lucy Morgan reveal how Sheriff John M. Short takes advantage of his position as Sheriff.
Joel Grover
Joel Grover explains the investigation "Is Your Mechanic Cheating?" which aired on KNBC.
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