Catherine King, After Much Tribulation, Gets a Position at Weber & Fields's; Such a Long Chase For Work; Though Snubbed by Some Managers, Others Were Kind and She Succeeded
Catherine King
Catherine King's sixth and final day investigating different jobs in New York City.
Catherine King Does Not Find Them to Be the Most Encouraging; The Women's Rebuffs Hurt; A Tip on Working Office Buildings, Despite Rules, but It Didn't Work for Sales
Catherine King
Catherine King's fourth day investigating different kinds of jobs. Today she is in an office.
Catherine King's Second Trial for a Place Was a Big Restaurant; Adjured Not to Loaf; She Learns How to Fill Mustard Pots and to Balance Big Tray of Dishes
Catherine King
"The first chapter of an Evening World newspaper woman's experiences in investigating the work and wages of New York's girl toilers was printed yesterday. It told of Catherine King's adventures as an employee of a great department store. Today Miss King relates how she tried to become a waitress."
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