Chinese Teenagers Are Toiling in the Foreign-Owned Sweatshops of the Special Economic Zones
Dinah Lee
Rose Brady
This piece is provided for comparison purposes. Then Business Week editor Steve Shepard pressed the reporter to find another way -- not going undercover as an employee -- to get inside information about the sweatshops producing foreign goods in China. "And," said Shepard, "she did."
John J. Goldman
Article on 1982 Pulitzer Prize winners contains (in last add) reporting on the Pulitzer jury and board deliberations concerning the undercover aspects of Merle Linda Wolin "Sweatshop" series for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.
An editorial on the effects of Wolin's undercover reporting from Los Angeles's garment industry
Merle Linda Wolin
Final piece in the Sweatshop series, based on the reporter's undercover work in LA's garment industry.
Merle Linda Wolin
Wolin interviews LA's Mayor Bradley about the working conditions and lack of regulation she found while posing undercover as an immigrant garment worker in the city's factories.
Merle Linda Wolin
Wolin looks into the Health Department's investigations into the state of California's garment industry.
Merle Linda Wolin
Wolin continues her account of working undercover in California sweatshops, the underworld backbone of the state's garment industry.
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