San Francisco

Modesto Aroused By Its Rotten Jail
Pierre Salinger
In a supplementary article to the California County Jails Expose, Salinger reports on tentative plans to renovate Stanislaus county jail at Modesto, adding to it a penal farm.
"A Brig with 300 Gilbert Islanders in her hold near San Francisco"
The Tahiti, a blackbirding vessel carrying nearly 300 Pacific Island laborers, docked in a San Francisco-area bay attracting much attention to the question of whether or not such laborers were virtually slaves.
She had nearly 300 slaves on board; They were being taken to Mexico to work at starvation wages; All supposed to be lost
An account of the shipwreck of the blackbirding vessel the Tahiti, an event that invited national debate on the practice of blackbirding in the Pacific.
H. H. Leavitt Believed to have Perished with the Passengers
An account of the shipwreck of the blackbirding vessel Tahiti providing details about the ship's owner H. H. Leavitt, who died in the wreck.
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