Tad Farrell
Tad Farrell's follow-up reaction to David McNeill's front page story of The Independent "Face to Face With the World's Most Repressive Regime."
An editorial by The Chicago Tribune praising the action taken by U.S. Attorney James R. Thompson to bring those who committed vote fraud to justice.
George Bliss
William Mullen
The Tribune reports that the federal government, in addition to arresting those indicted for vote fraud during the March primary, will take steps to ensure that no vote fraud happens in Chicago during the presidential election in November.
Fraud at Polls Described to House Unit
George Bliss
William Currie
The Tribune reports on hearings held by an Illinois House subcommittee charged with investigating the vote fraud in Chicago's March primary election. William Currie, the reporter who worked undercover as a clerk for the chairman of the Board of Election Commissioners also gives a brief account of the testimony of a Democrat serving as a Republican poll judge.
George Bliss
Pamela Zekman
In a press conference, chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Comissioners Stanley Kusper accused William Mullen, the reporter who worked undercover as a clerk in Kusper's office, of breaking the law because he technically held another job while collecting $20-a-day as a clerk, which is forbidden under Illinois election law.
George Bliss
William Currie
The Tribune reports that a community coalition has collected 20,000 signatures on their petition to station U.S. Marshals as Chicago polling places, after widespread fraud was uncovered after the March 21st primary elections.
Pamela Zekman
Upon Task Force reporter William Mullen's return to the Board of Election Commissioners office, where he previously worked undercover as a clerk, chairman Stanley Kusper denies Mullen access to voter records.
William Currie
This article reports that a suit was brought against the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, seeking an injunction against board chairman Stanley Kusper and asking that the Board come under federal control.
Frankly, We're Shocked Too!
The New York World-Telegram and Sun's editorial board reacts to staff writer Woody Klein's series "I Lived in a Slum," expressing shock that even in a modern city like New York, so many of its residents live in substandard conditions.
Robert H. Prall
A review of reader responses to Woody Klein's "I lived in a slum" series for the New York World Telegram and Sun.
More "Undercover Student" letters
More letters to the editor in reaction to The Albuquerque Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series, which sent 24-year-old reporter Leslie Linthicum to Eldorado High School as a 17-year-old senior for two weeks.
This is a transcript of a TV program called "Stopwatch" with John Andrews, on KGGM-TV, Channel 13, where Eldorado Principal Robert Daugherty discusses The Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series.
The complete text of a statement released by Eldorado High School principal Robert Daugherty on the "Undercover Student" series by Albuquerque Tribune reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed as a high school student for two weeks. He accuses Linthicum of betraying the trust of students, teachers and parents.
Christopher Miller
The Albuquerque Board of Education reacts to The Tribune's "Undercover Student" series.
The mail brings in more 'Undercover Student' letters
Several letters to the editor about the paper's recent controversial "Undercover Student" series.
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