PrimeTime Live

News Writer Fill-In for the Hollywood Strikers
Michelle Malkin
ABC news got caught hiring actors to use for a PrimeTime Live segment.
ABC's PrimeTime Live won an Emmy Award for its hidden-camera expose of medical labs. So why is it being sued for fraud and deception?
D. M. Osborne
In-depth look inside the suing of ABC's PrimeTime Live by John Devaraj.
Lori Keeton
Lori Keeton examines the legal ramifications ABC received for "PrimeTime Live's" exposé of Food Lion and other cases.
Rather than attacking courts for unfavorable outcomes like the one in the Food Lion case, journalists should face up to their own shortcomings and be more careful in their reporting.
Marc Gunther
Marc Gunther argues that there is a limit of what media can and can not do, using ABC's Food Lion story as the main example.
Russ Baker
PrimeTime Live's use of hidden cameras is discussed.
A federal appeals court has dismissed a 2002 lawsuit between ABC News and an Arizona medical laboratory.
Producers are unsung, unknown - and essential to the success of television news-magazines
Robert Lissit
Robert Lissit goes in depth about the importance of having talented producers to complete a successful hidden camera show.
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