presidential campaign

Grace Lee
In her documentary, Iowa housewife Grace Lee, creates an inside look of the Republican presidential candidates as she follows their journey to the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, making her decision as to who she feels will best run the United States.
Gary Hart officially drops out of the presidential candidacy.
Tom Fiedler
The Herald answers the questions regarding their stories published about Gary Hart.
Robert S. Boyd
Gary Hart's public affair has changed the view of some of his supporters.
Gary Hart's ratings are going down since Miami Herald published articles about his affair.
Heath Meriwether
The morality of Gary Hart is questioned as a presidential candidate.
Owen Ullmann
The Washington Post obtained photographs of Hart with his mistress that lead him to ending his campaign.
Former Senator Says Goodbye to His Staff After New Revelation
Robert S. Boyd
Carl Cannon
Paul Nussbaum
Gary Hart decides to drop his presidential bid and announce his withdrawal from the race.
Undercover with Florida's Republican Shock Troops
Wells Tower
Wells Tower reports about his time volunteering for President Bush's 2004 campaign.
Mike Newall
Philadelphia City Paper reporter, Mike Newall, went undercover as a volunteer for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
Tom Namako
Philadelphia City Paper reporter, Tom Namako, went undercover as a volunteer for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.
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