Telegraph investigation: Councillors across England are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks.
Holly Watt
Claire Newell
Ben Bryant
A Daily Telegraph investigation revealed that Councillors across England are taking advantage of their positions by being hired by property developers who wish bypass building laws. The property developers are willing to pay the councillors any amount of money for their projects to be approved, and the councillors are accepting with open arms.
Grace Lee
In her documentary, Iowa housewife Grace Lee, creates an inside look of the Republican presidential candidates as she follows their journey to the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, making her decision as to who she feels will best run the United States.
"We're Up to $60 Million"
Matthew Fleischer
Journalist Matthew Fleischer went undercover to pose as a member of one of the most secretive and powerful Republican organizations, The Lincoln Club of Orange County.
Best-selling author and evangelical leader Tim LaHaye has contacts that extend to the White House. That could spell trouble, since his theology espouses a bloody apocalypse in Israel.
Craig Unger
Criag Unger joined a tour of the Holy Land with Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series. While not posing as anything other than a writer, Unger did not disclose that he was on assignment from Vanity Fair. This piece, as well as a subsequent book, detail his experiences with LaHaye and his followers. Unger received no reaction from LaHaye or any of his tour mates after the publication of the book or the Vanity Fair story. He did not reveal his reporting method until 2007, in a Huffington Post story (see page).
Undercover with D.C.'s lobbyists for hire
Ken Silverstein
Silverstein's undercover report on the ways in which lobbyists help dictatorial regimes gain favor in Washington. For the article, Silverstein posed as a representative of a firm working to improve Turkmenistan's image, and contacted and met with lobbying firms under that guise.
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